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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A New Face For Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Everyone thinks of the baseball star Lou Gehrig when they think of ALS. But should there be a new face of the disease? Perhaps it should be Corey Reich.

While he was an undergraduate at Middlebury College, Corey Reich started to notice that he had a hard time holding things. He was then diagnosed at age 21, but he was determined to complete his studies–and he did.

He tells Here & Now‘s Robin Young that in the four years of living with ALS, he has had many friends die from the disease; many were even diagnosed after he was. But Reich is still pushing the boundaries — he’s a tennis coach and says the fact the he “can still walk around and communicate without a communication device, or use a wheelchair full time, is amazing.”

Corey and his father, Ted, say that researchers still don’t know much about what causes the disease and that there needs to be more research done. Corey says the pharmaceutical companies don’t do much ALS research because the community is so small — and it’s small because ALS patients die as more people are diagnosed with it. Ted, who sits on the board of the ALS Therapy Development Institute, tells Robin that he’s pushing for more research into ALS “to save my son.”


  • Corey Reich
  • Ted Reich, Corey’s father

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  • Erin

    An amazing, inspiring man. Thank you for this story.

  • Carmenpiner

    I have the utmost of respect and admiration for Ted and especially, Cory Reich – a true testament of father/son love and living life to the fullest.  Cory is a reminder to me of someone whose life condition is so much higher than most “healthy” folks that I know.  Cory’s positive outlook and active lifestyle is a great example of true courage amidst such challenging circumstances.  Thank you Cory for being such an inspiration to me.

  • Smrapp

    Amazing young man and his father……very heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time!

    Robin your compassion for others shows through in your interviews whether its talking to your nephew or someone like Corey……..you make my time spent listening to Here & Now the highlight of my day……Thank You!

    Steve Rapp, Belvidere Illinois

    • Edjohnson

      Corey and Ted:
      A group of us have started an
      online petition in the hope of making our voices heard
      with regard to the need for faster approvals and

      early availability. Our mission is simple:

      As ALS patients and their caregivers, we are committed to
      accelerated access to treatments that will slow progression or
      provide a cure.


      1. To assure compassionate access for ALS patients to treatments
      that have demonstrated in Phase II trials the ability to slow
      progression or cure ALS.

      2. To cooperate with all willing ALS stakeholders.

      3. To assure that funds are made available to allow
      patients  compassionate access to treatments..

      Here is our online petition:


      In many ways the HIV community made
      their voices heard and that helped Drug companies and
      regulators accelerate the help that victims needed.

      If you are interested in learning more about our Steering Committee, please contact me:  edjohnson@alumni.duke.edu, or cell 252-767-2942

      Thank you very much.


  • Fred

    Thanks for the interview with Corey.  It was informative, motivational and hopeful for me, a person with a recent diagnosis of ALS.  He is an inspiration for all of us.

  • Marty Murray

    The truth is that there are already available ways for Corey and others to get healthy.

    Als develops when factors and patterns in a person’s life come together in a certain way to cause neurodegeneration. Those factors and patterns typically include stress and certain ways of handling life issues.

    What this means is that by changing what is going on with those factors and patterns one can solve als and heal.

    To further understand how als is created and how it can be solved, see my work, along with the work of Gabor Mate, Steven Shackel, Craig Oster, Evy McDonald, David Atkinson, Bruce Lipton and Dean Ornish among others.

    Nobody has to suffer als. All people have to do is get the facts and use what they learn to heal themselves and their lives.

    • Guest

      That’s rich. Blame the person for the disease. How much do you charge for your “treatment”?

      • http://healingchronicles.wordpress.com Marty Murray

        Blame is a word with many connotations, some of which I may not entirely agree with.

        All the same, yes, clearly it is the case that disease is a created situation underlied by the choices, patterns and strategies of those experiencing it. Some people get up in arms about my saying this. Others see it for what it is, take responsibility for their health and heal themselves.

        As far I what I charge goes, I generally just work with anyone interested and some of them send me money from time to time.

        I am not exacty treating people by the way. I am more helping them learn to solve the problems they are experiencing.

      • FarawayEyes

        Why do so many of you people sound so hostile towards Mr. Murray? If it’s not anything that you are interested in, then just don’t buy it.
        I am a Dr. and I happen to agree with “some” of what he says although I have looked into his method and his is missing a big part.
        If someone actually knows the cause, then they should be able to explain things like the male:female ratio, the age of onset, plus all the biochemical processes involved and support the theory with studies.
        I’m not saying whether Mr. Murray can or can’t but what I am saying is that a bunch of you sound very skeptical of everything and that isn’t sound mentally. You could in some case (maybe not this one) be throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
        Trust is very important. People need to learn to trust God about who to trust.
        One day, someone will present the “cause” or the “cure” and you might overlook it as a scam because you are jaded and hardened.
        Just saying!

    • Any10101


    • Ghall610

      It’s obvious that you do not have a FAMILY member who has this or has suffered and passed from this disease. Are you telling people that a 16 year old that has been told that he/she has ALS, that their stressed and that they can not handle life issues. REALLY ? I am very active in a support group even after I lost my Mother to this disease. I can tell you this,these people who have been diagnosed with ALS are much stronger mentally then most that are healthy. And 99% of them handle this “LIFE ISSUE” of knowing that they have a death sentence much better then you or I can handle a head cold… Your last sentence, I wish were true,that, ” NOBODY HAS TO SUFFER ALS”… Send people some facts. If you really can provide them ??? GOD BLESS YOU COREY !!!  My prayers are with you and your family.

      • http://www.creatingparadise.net Marty Murray

        I have been working with people to help them heal for close to fifteen years and have been working with people diagnosed with als for close to four of those.

        A member of my family experienced als.

        People experience als because of the way they handle life. This is the case whether the person’s age is sixteen or sixty. Plenty of young people are very stressed out and suffer with many things as a result of the way they handle life. These things include eating disorders, learning problems and substance abuse issues. Als is just another life problem.

        Some people experiencing als handle it fairly well. Others handle it poorly.

        Some handle it so well that they turn the corner and get healthier. I mentioned some of them in an article on my blog.

        I send people facts all day long. For instance, in my first message I provided names of people whose work you could look up. Those who take advantage of the facts I “send” make great positive changes to their lives and solve all kinds of problems, including the one commonly known as als.

  • ArgotMay

    I took care of a man who had ALS. He had it for 14 years. I wanted to add something for researchers, or those w/the disease- and that is that my client was an athlete of sorts for many years beforehand, so that may be why he lived so long. Also, all the muscle groups need to be moved by the client or by the client’s care-giver to prevent muscle loss. I helped my client do these exercises 5 days a week. Oh yes, he was an MIT engineer, so he told me how to create a page-turning machine for his foot to use.

  • PSR

    Please correct the spelling of “Gehrig” in the first sentence and tell Corey that everyone back in Middlebury is rooting for him.

  • Beware

    BEWARE of a scam artist that is preying on PALS & CALS

    His name is MARTY MURRAY or MARTIN MURRAY and his number is (914)316-1288

    Michele Dupree: How many people have been contacted by the scammer,- “Marty Murray”…healer of ALS?… A disease he believes you have created in your own mind. He calls me every time I post an event on the web. Can’t wait ’til he goes to hell!

    914-316-1288 / 9143161288… [SCAM SLUG'S phone number]

    He has been preying on PALS and CALS for a couple of years so be aware. This is what Stu suggests for you to do if he phones you or your caregivers.

    Stu Millheiser; I’ve been getting disturbing messages about some guy calling ALS victims to sell them “the cure”. One went so far as telling me had he not been warned, he just might have fallen for it. Please let me know if anyone has been solicited or worse, ripped off by this guy or anyone else. 949-233-3045 [Stu's number]

    Stu Millheiser; HOW TO TAKE DOWN A SCAM ARTIST. If you REALLY want to nail one of these sociopaths, we can do it together.
    1. If you are contacted, feign naivety and sincere interest.
    2. Get every possible bit of information you can. A website, partners, address, details of the cure, etc. Write it all down if you can.
    3. Call me and we’ll set up a face to face meeting… just you and him. If he needs a “down payment”, I’ll send you a check.
    4. Once meeting is set, I’ll fly out and either have you wired or plant a microphone. This is legal in most jurisdictions as long as it is face to face.
    5. Have the meeting. I’ll be out of sight. Get his “guarantee” and give him another one of my checks that has already been canceled if necessary.
    6. After he leaves, I’ll take the tape to the appropriate legal authority.
    7. The rest will be up to the DA.

    • Marty Murray

      If anyone sounds like he is scamming, it would be Stu Millheiser.

      “feign naivety and sincere interest”

      “plant a microphone”

      Write bad checks.

      That is not the healing way. One cannot heal one’s life by doing underhanded things.

      So what Stu has suggested doing is not a good thing and will not really help people experiencing als to solve their problems.

      In order to heal one’s self and one’s life, one needs to use positive, healing ways. One needs to discuss things and resolve conflict and work to find the truth.

  • http://twitter.com/1854R Daniel R. Hale

    I have been researching A.L.S. for over twelve years in Colorado and have actually discovered the cause and how to stop the progression of A.L.S. in ten to thirty days allowing the body to heal in five to nine months. I talked to Corey at the summit in Cambridge Mass. and gave Ted my information. This Murray guy’s assesment is total crap. A.L.S. has nothing to do with stress. And it is not a disease either. It is a naturally caused bio- chemical injury that can be corrected if you know the equation of what A.L.S. actually is and how the body crosses over this bio-chemical barrier. I have also completed a three year side bar research project on how cannines (dogs) are afflicted with A.L.S. and why it shows itself in the latter stages of a dogs life. I am in the process of obtaining provisional patents to protect my intellectual property rights for any disclosures of what took everything I owned (including my home in the mountains outside Denver) to solve this affliction.  I have spoken with several physicans who are interested in my research. How A.L.S. occurs in the body is extremely complicated and there is no magic bullet treatment or drug that is going to correct this injury to the body.You have to reverse what A.L.S. is and motor neuron recovery will occur. I know which molecules are responsible and why the protien is being altered. Also why cell membranes are being affected. A.L.S. has been totally solved by looking in a different direction.    Daniel R. Hale
    houston1854@yahoo.com    1-970-314-6481

    • Dan S.

      Ok Mr. Hale,

      So how does one stop the ALS progression?

  • Houston1854

    Recent findings in Colorado ALS research show exactly how ALS fuels it’s own biochemistry and how this is triggered in a natural form. Solving the CAUSE of ALS was the key to EVER having a CURE which is now in plain sight. Science medicine has simply chased the many tails (residual effects) of ALS for much to long with 100% failure. The cause had to be solved for anyone to recover from the adverse biochemistry that ALS represents. ALS is NOT caused by stress or we would all have it. It is caused by something you do unknowingly when all of the factors needed to start this biochemistry are in place. It is a naturally caused biochemical perfect storm within the body and has now been completely solved. This research was turned down for assistance by the Gates Foundation in 2008 and used it’s own assets over 15 yrs. to finally show that a clear path to a CURE. Research that went on it’s own Lewis and Clark journey to end this.

  • Houston1854

    All research with ANY expectation of saving ANYONE from ALS now goes through Colorado research or it NEVER arrives. This is just BRUTAL HONESTY.

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