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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tea Party Group Mulls Third Party Candidate

Mark Meckler, co-founder of one of the largest Tea Party groups, Tea Party Patriots, recently told the Los Angeles Times that if Mitt Romney were to become the GOP nominee, “it would cause a drop-off of enthusiasm.”

So how likely are Tea Party activists to turn to a third party candidate in the general election? And what does the Tea Party want to hear in Tuesday night’s debate?


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  • Harlan Dutton

    It would seem a lot of people have the opinion that a person’s past is past, and whatever they profess now is all that matters.  Your guest stated they wished to back someone who has stood by their record over the long term. If you consider these two factors it would lead some to believe the Tea Party would be willing to back someone like Charles Manson for president. Yes, I know this is an extream statement, but it fits into their criteria.

  • Grizwald Grim

    There needs to be a third candidate, but not necessarily a third party – unless you want to call it the disgruntled party. As it stands, there are plenty of Americans who are completely fed up with both the Republicans and the Democrats – and it doesn’t look like those Americans will have an option for which they can wholeheartedly vote.

    Without an additional option, fear will be casting the most votes this election. The Republicans will fear a democratic win, and will vote for whoever the party offers. The Democrats will do the same. The disgruntled – and I suspect the Tea Partiers and the Occupiers both fit into this category will do what Americans have always done: choose the candidate they feel is the lesser of two evils.

    You asked what questions we would like to hear the candidates answer and that’s actually why I came to comment. I’d like to know how the candidates stand on the violent response of mayors and police to the occupy protests – and if they’d feel differently if the message of the protesters were more in line with their own political views.

  • J Frog

    I would like to ask the candidates whether they agree with the President about sending 2000 new troops to Australia?  Do they think it is time to start CLOSING some bases as opposed to opening new ones?  Doesn’t it make it more likely that the friends and neighbors will continue to abdicate their responsibilities to defend themselves when we continually subsidize their defense?

    • J Frog

      What a coincidence…. Democrats apparently already have a plan to get Tea Party candidates on the ballot.  From today’s Oakland Press in Michigan:

      “Second county Democratic leader pleads to charges related to voter fraud”

      “Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson and other county officials
      had asked for a grand jury to look at filings made by Oakland County
      candidates for a group called The Tea Party. Signatures didn’t match
      their voter registration cards, and one candidate said he hadn’t filed
      to run and was living out of state.”


      Can’t even trust a notary public.

  • Quidhala

    I love how Mark says that the Tea Party doesn’t get involved in social policies and is not affiliated with the Christian Right, and in the next sentence makes reference to Jesus. “I don’t expect anyone to be perfect. We haven’t had that on this earth for some time.” It seems Tea Party citizen supporters are interested in fiscal policy but all of the Tea Party would-be representatives are deeply embroiled in the America as Christian Nation mythos. They call it character but they mean devotion to Christian values.

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