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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Virus Designed To Cure Leukemia

Researchers have successfully treated three leukemia patients using a new type of therapy. A year after the treatment, two of the patients remain cancer free.

The treatment involves extracting a patient’s blood, injecting a virus into his or her T cells, and then injecting the blood back into the patient, where the virus attacks the cancer cells. This therapy is not without side effects, but researchers say they’re getting closer to the “holy grail” of cancer treatment.


  • Dr. Bruce Levine, researcher at University of Pennsylvania

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  • Stan

    Was listening to this story as like so many others from the mainstream media which focus on “treatments” of diseases rather than prevention.
    As I have said for decades now, there is no money in healthy people.
    People continue to eat their crappy Standard American Diet(SAD) of overprocessed, chemicalized, fragments, genetically modified organism ladened, dead and stale foods and what does one expect over a time.Dis-ease.
    “And we have made of ourselves living cesspools, and driven doctors to invent names for our diseases.” –Plato
    Americans are overfed and undernourished. The sickest people on the planet.
    There is no glory or rewards in telling people the proper and right ways to eat.
    Americans in general from my experience are looking for some quick fix to their problems. Whether it be from a hangover, a cold, sore throat, stomach aches, etc. Do you have or know of some pill to solve my ill? The answer is no. And those wonderful side effects to deal with. I bring up diet and they laugh. Drug companies like to impress the public with the FAB of drugs: features, attributes and benefits. They should add an “S” to FAB and mention those SIDE EFFECTS 
    People violate the natural laws of Nature and thus suffer the consequences.  I heard in this story that many of the leukemia patients have been ill for many years. Sounds like a lifetime of abusing their bodies with the wrong foods and a poor lifestyle. America is great for treating problem but terrible at advocating prevention. As stated earlier, there is no money in healthy people.
    I would rather take care of myself on a daily basis then to subject myself to some medicine man who will “practice” on my body. 
    Remember what goes in the mouth has to come out! Somehow and somewhere, in some way SOONER or LATER!
    Do not alcohol, aluminum, aspartame, caffeine, canola, chlorine, fluoride, cow’s milk, malathion,mercury, nitrites, Nutrasweet, Neotane, Acesulfame potassium, xylitol, sorbitol, tobacco, sucralose, sugar and vaccinations constitute biological and chemical warfare against us.

    • http://gregorycamp.wordpress.com/ Greg Camp

      I suppose that this is the reason that George Burns died so young…

  • Stan

    “Two-thirds of these diseases, (heart disease and diabetes) would be eliminated if we consumed a healthier diet and exercised more”.   ~ Dr. Meir Stampfer M.D.,  Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School
     “Nothing offends patients more than to be asked to change their habits of life. Their desire is to be able to break every known law of health; then when they are called upon to pay the penalty, the expect complete absolution in a bottle or two of medicine. They are content to be patched up sufficiently to continue their practice of self-indulgence in various forms.”              …Dr. Alexander Bryce…

    “We start the day with caffeine, get through it with nicotine, relax in the evening with alcohol, start the next day with aspirin. Bubbling alkalizers remove yesterday’s brown taste to make room for today’s. That’s the real trouble, and there’s no pill for it.”              …Dr. Arthur H. Steinhaus…

    • http://gregorycamp.wordpress.com/ Greg Camp

      Leukemia isn’t a “lifestyle” disease.

      • Clara

        It sounds like Greg Camp has the anwers. Please enlighten us Greg.
        If lifestyle is the problem, then tell us what is the secrets to avoiding leukemia and most diseases?
        What I don’t need are little soundbytes from those who are uninformed and ignorant of the mechanisms behind diseases and their relationship to diet, lifestyle and environmental factors.
        Again Greg, give us some real news.

  • Antoine

    Leukemia is basically a poisoned bloodstream. It takes years to manifest itself. The bloodstream, which is called the “river of life” is clogged with the toxins of a poor diet and lifestyle. The organs of elimination, namely the liver, kidneys, adrenals and lymphatic system are overwhelmed and cannot process and remove these toxins through their normal channels. Thus we get disease. And we get tumors and other fibroid material, in which the body isolates these toxins to protect the greater good of the rest of it.Ever ask a doctor what is in these tumors, cysts, fistulas, warts etc.?Protein wastes along with a wide array of toxins.  Tumors are waste dumps. Modern medicine blames these problems on “viruses”. Have you ever considered that these viruses are present to “clean up” these toxins? No waste, no need for the presence of viruses. 
    Wouldn’t eating a healthy diet, avoiding tobacco, alcohol and the thousands of other chemicals in your daily life improve the lot of the people?
    Why is the immune system of these people failing? Lack of drugs? Bad genetics?Possibly the immune system which comprises the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system are over strained from all those exogenous toxins and chemicals in their diet. Most doctors are trained in treatment and little in nutrition and the maintenance of the body. Doctors are trained to look for illness and not wellness.
    Or would you rather have your cake and eat it too and suffer those consequences like the rest of the masses.In the end, it would be much more economical for the person to eat correctly, get adequate water, rest, sunshine, etc.than to fork out the big bucks later to have some doctor experiment on your body with their creations.Doesn’t Nature have the tools to do the job for you? When modern science can develop a simple blade of grass, I may become a believer. However they are all too busy making a living playing in the labs to treat you with some “man made concoction” with all those side effects.
    Take a look at your failing health or death care system. Everything is strained to capacity with the millions afflicted by some “disease”.

    • Nngf

      You don’t know shit about lifestyle. Tell that to someone who was perfectly healthy. Of course that has to be defined to you liberal fuck

      • Phil

        Go back to your Twinkles, Marlboros and Miller Lite beer jerk off.
        All you morons can only differentiate between a conservative or a libtard.
        Sorry bud, many I know don’t relate to either of these two factions of a one party system in Amerika. Please attempt to remove your head from dark places and open your eyes.
        Sorry to interrupt your channel surfing mo.

        • Timur2000

          His/her point is that Antoine is an obnoxious moralizer, and lots of people become sick with cancer through no fault of their own. Asshole.

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