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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Songs To Linger On

Pop culture critic Renee Graham is going to deconstruct Marvin Gaye’s “Inner City Blues” for us this week. Is there another song you’d like us to linger on for a future segment?

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  • Heaviest Cat

    I Love you (don’t you forgetit) by Perry Como

  • http://twitter.com/mattcourtland Matthew Courtland

    Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1129067949 Michael Payette

    You absolutely MUST Linger on “God Only Knows”, the Jewel in Brian Wilson’s crown that is “Pet Sounds”.  From the opening measures featuring French Horns and sleigh bells, to Carl Wilson melancholy vocal delivery, to Carol Kaye’s bass line that never REALLY goes where you think it should.  And we’re not even at the bridge yet!

    The song is a MASTERPIECE, and should be discussed for all of us who know the song… and especially for those of us who don’t.

  • Yuba Red

    If we are remembering Viet Nam, the song I always believe to be the anthem is “For What Its Worth”. I came of age in 1968 in a logging town/mining in Northern California caught between red neck ways and the San Francisco scene. We were influenced by buddies coming back from Nam and the Berkley riots. 

  • Linda_Kaboolian

    I appreciated this retrospective on “Inner City blues”.   I am a few years older than Ms. Graham and when I arrived at the University of Michigan in the 1970′s the wounds of the “1967 Insurrection” were still visible on Detroit.  the National Guard were called out by Gov. Rommey, civilians were herded onto Belle Isle and 43 were killed.  The burned out buildings, vacant stores, job losses were heartbreaking. 

  • Kellyofsiam

    Van Morrison’s Saint Dominic’s Preview…what a great song…..

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