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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

GOP Plan Claims Medicare Savings, Critics Say Seniors Would Pay

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., touts his 2012 federal budget on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP)

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., touts his 2012 federal budget on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP)

House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan has put out the Republican blueprint for the future of the federal government with a proposed 2012 budget.  The plan cuts spending on Medicaid and other domestic programs, sharply lowers taxes for businesses and the wealthy and privatizes Medicare.

Rep. Ryan says his plan would cut Medicare costs.  But according to an analysis from the Congressional Budget office:

“Under the proposal, most elderly people would pay more for their health care than they would pay under the current Medicare system.”

The plan would raise the Medicare retirement age, and make Medicare participation voluntary. We sort through the details with Howard Gleckman, resident fellow at the non-partisan Tax Policy Center where he writes for the blog Tax Vox.

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  • BHA in Vermont

    If anyone listens to Mr. Ryan, they are blind to the lessons of history. Trickle down economics serves only to move wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich. If his plan goes through, it proves that the rich are holding the puppet strings in Congress.

    Privatizing MediCare would be as disastrous as privatizing Social Security. Poor people would not be able to afford insurance, even with ‘aid’ from the government to pay for it. And it would be a boon for for-profit insurance companies. Health care insurance should NOT be a for-profit industry.

  • Frank N. Blunt

    Another aspect of the continued selling out of citizens, especially military vets & retirees. If freedom isn’t free then why are those that owe evading their due payments & failing to provide just contributions to the public revenue? Much worse is that they are actually subsidized to capitalize for incompetence, abuses, or socializing risk while transferring burden of debt onto other citizens, actually creating generations of indentured servants, or most heinous to profit from others suffering. We need to address the corporateering of culture as well as government since corruption has promoted the delusion of tbtf, that any corporate interest is supposed to be a national interest, & that any virtue such as caring can actually be purchased since the health of citizens along with human values are being forsaken so that others can profit. People need to be instilled with better values & faculties so that they can become stolid critics for evaluating the essence of those that will actually promote the public good & have the integrity to uphold the public trust. Then we can make a tabula rasa that clears out not only the same legislators but the problematic bureaucrats that have not only failed to prevent many catastrophes that have affected our nation, enabled the situations promoting socio-economic disparity, & caused many global as well as personal tragedies.

  • Olorcain2

    Hmmm okay the Republicans do not want health care reform where no one would be denied covereage, but now they want seniors to buy their own insurance, many of whom would probably be turned down due to health issues. My parents spent a lot of money on supplimental health care to cover the costs medicare did not. So what kind of costs would be involved if they had to buy their health insurance out right?
    The Republicans want government out of the health care business, but then want to give vouchers to subsidize health insurance purchases. If you raise the medicare age what happens if I have to retire earlier due to job disolution or medical problems? Then where do I get my insurance.
    If I am under the poverty line where do I go for health care? I should be able to purchase my own insurance? With what? Since the Republicans do not want a public option for health care, where is a poor person supposed to find health insurance.
    Medicare is certainly not perfect. They could probably save millions just by streamlining paper work. I’m sure Medicade could do the same thing. But the problem is that using key phrases of deficet and jobs creation Mr. Ryan is creating an idea that is a little light in explaining the what ifs that are a big part of life. And, as usual, they are trying to take it out on the hides of people who can least afford it so they can reward those folks with money to contribute to campaigns. Just shameful.

  • PAC

    “hhhm that sounds like a good idea” and “skyrocketing cost of medicare” are what you said to the guest on your show today. How vapid you sound as you repeat the talking point of the nasty Reps. How is it that you are host of the show and has done no (zip) research on the facts of medicare?
    You should replay that piece and hear how smug you sound, with your good health and your funding from the public and your fancy state sponsored education. How do you expect that an older infirm person would be able to shop around with their vouchers(and that’s what it is) and deal with the voracious insurance company before they can get assistance? How can you say medicare costs are “skyrocketing” as related to what? because of increasing costs of hospital care that is related to the many Republican owned companies that are ripping off the gov’t with phony “free wheelchairs” ads?
    In your desire to appear balanced you demonstrate a level if intellectual imbalance that is sickening on the ear of your audience. Shame on you and may you have a really happy healthy and rich old age, else welcome to the terrordome of America circa 2022, or when ever you reach that age. Oh i forgot, by then the age threshold will be 90, but since things will be so tough, most people will not live that long and therefore no meed to service that population.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lisa-Polito-Gray/1037397392 Lisa Polito-Gray

    How will they pay when they get 800 a month for ss…?

  • http://twitter.com/Urbane_Gorilla Urbane_Gorilla

    It’s time to fix “The Most Expensive Healthcare in the World” …Instead of dumping the costs on people that paid into the promise their whole working lives.  Our Congress doesn’t have the guts to eliminate waste in hospitals, eliminate the unnecessary blood-sucking insurance companies and tell Big Pharma that we will not fund their projects in future with tax payer subsidies while they charge Americans 3 times what they charge other countries. Fix the problem!

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