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Thursday November 4, 2010

Republicans Lay Groundwork For 2012 White House Run

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin speaks during the Republican Party of Iowa's Ronald Reagan Dinner in September in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP)

Invigorated by the results of the midterm elections, several Republican politicians are already preparing for a possible presidential run in 2012. Exit polling in key primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina show voters prefer former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, former Arkansas governor, Mike Huckabee and former vice presidential nominee and Alaska governor, Sarah Palin, though not necessarily in that order. We take a look at the road to the White House with O. Kay Henderson, news director for Radio Iowa and Felice Belman, editor of the Concord Monitor in Concord, New Hampshire.

Listener Letters: Four Loko, Tea Party Midterm Victories

We take a minute to hear from listeners after our recent segment on the alcoholic, uber-caffeinated Four Loko beverage and our interview with Diana Reimer, national coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots.

Will A Belly Dancer Shake Berlusconi From Office?

Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi. (AP )

Italy’s flamboyant prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, is in trouble again, and again it involves a young woman. This time her name is Ruby, a teenaged Moroccan belly dancer, who claims to have gone to parties at the 74-year-old Berlusconi’s home. There are questions about Berlusconi’s connections to the girl because he intervened with authorities to have her freed from police custodY. Critics are renewing their calls for his resignation. The BBC’s Duncan Kennedy reports on the latest scandal involving the Italian leader.

Teenage Voices Make Poems ‘Louder Than A Bomb’

Who says poetry is dead? In Chicago, the world’s largest youth poetry slam brings hundreds of Chicago kids together to face off.  A documentary called “Louder Than A Bomb” follows the kids. We speak with two of them: Nova Venerable, who represented Oak Park River Forest High, and Lamar Jorden, of Steinmetz High School.

Music From The Show

  • Peter Dixon, “Nagog Woods”
  • Ken Vandermark, “New Acrylic”
  • Charles Mingus, “Open Letter to Duke”
  • Ahmad Jamal, “Patterns”
  • elaine shea

    If you do not stop talking about the 2012 election (ALREADY) you are going to lose me as a listener and perhaps as a contributor. I have had all I can take about the 2010 election with all its negative campaign ads and to be starting already with the 2012 one is too much for me. It makes me want to scream!

  • Jenny Boone

    Elaine, you took the words right out of my mouth: speculating on the 2012 elections two days after the 2010 elections?!? Much, much too soon to be talking about this! Give us a break, please.

  • Diane M. Larkin

    I beg to differ with your guests. I am so happy the midterms are over and I don’t even want to imagine 2012 madness. I am enjoying the ED commercials that are on again now that the elections commercials are gone (actually that’s a little sarcastic but find those silly commercials preferable to election nonsense.
    Sarah Palin who can’t complete a commitment, the gentleman that wants a national religion, and Newt Gingrich….oh good grief.
    Please will you all just go away for awhile and let’s actually work on something that benefits the American people for a change! And let’s use some of those hundreds of millions of dollars given to election campaigns to create jobs instead.

  • Richard Danca

    This repeats the gist what I said in an e-mail message.

    Robin, it’s AM-urst, Mass., not “AM-hurst”! No H!

    Please stop mispronouncing it on the air. It sets peoples’ teeth on edge.

  • Mary

    Hello, Robin,

    To hear that Haley Barbour said he did not experience racism as a youth in Yazoo City, Mississippi is impossible to comprehend. (Not sure exactly what he said.)

    I grew up in that same Yazoo City. I attended Yazoo City High School; I as a freshman; Haley Barbour, a senior. We had no black students until my senior year, 1968. Only then were four or five (?) black students allowed.

    To counter his comments only a statistical check would be necessary. A visit to Yazoo City would reveal that racism continues…..that there is de factor segregation in Yazoo City. A visit to the white racist Manchester Academy would suffice to rebutt his every claim. Only poor whites and blacks attend Yazoo County schools.

    Haley is from a different Yazoo City than I. I could write a book on racism in Yazoo County, Mississippi.

    It should not be me commenting, but a black person who experienced the racism in those years.

    Help us if Haley Barbour becomes president. His comments prove he is in denial of social issues in Yazoo County, in Mississippi, and in the nation.

    Hope one of your future programs will feature his disconnectedness, etc.

    Good for you,
    Mary Paxton

  • Mary

    Correction, “de facto”

  • BHA

    Sarah Palin should definitely run for President in 2012. It would guarantee a second term for President Obama.

    If I’m wrong and she wins, I will ask the Prime Minister of Canada if I can move north to a country where people have brains.

  • Jane Phelan

    I thought 1-2 days of mid-term results would be the extent of this madness but now realize we are going to start ow on 2012 – will this madness ever end? The media, including NPR, are giving these pundits and politicians so much publicity that no one is actually working AT their jobs – the jobs they were elected to do.

    There has to be more subjects to discuss out there, isn’t there?

  • http://www.HipHarp.com Deborah Henson-Conant

    Wow!! The poetry story! I was inspired, energized, choked up, blown away. Incredible. Beautiful – the editing, the idea, the voices, the message. Thank you!!!!

  • BHA

    Posted by Richard: “Please stop mispronouncing it on the air. It sets peoples’ teeth on edge.”

    Mostly people from “Am-erst”. You know, you people in Mass could make it easier on the rest of us. For instance, who would guess that Worchester is supposed to be pronounced “Wooster” ?!?!? :)

    I was corrected some years ago on the proper pronunciation of Amherst while announcing a figure skating competition. I now correct anyone in the same position. :)

  • BHA

    I agree with many of the prior posters.

    How about we make it illegal to report on anything remotely related to political campaigns until AT LEAST November 2011. I would actually prefer March 2012 and that is being generous.

  • One Tough Frog

    I have to chuckle at people who say it’s too early to talk about the next election but then in the next breath give their opinion of some of the potential candidates.

  • Mike Wood

    Thanks, Robin, for bringing two of Louder Than A Bomb’s slam poets to your show. I saw the documentary a month ago at Wichita’s Tallgrass Film Festival. It was one of the most uplifting films I’ve seen in a long while. I congratulate Greg Jacobs and Jon Siskel for finding heart and soul and hope in our public school system.

  • http://www.vahhs.org Bea Grause

    I was also incredibly inspired by the Louder than a Bomb poetry story – not by just the poetry but how this path helped create such an exciting future for these kids and created such incredible bonds during the process. This is what our kids should be watching – not play station or Wii!!!

  • Gus Koerner

    I really love NPR’s radio hosts! They seem to ask their guests the questions I am thinking, and always showing them great respect. I look forward to driving during the day so I can listen to Terry Gross, Diane Rehm and now Robin Young of Here and Now.

    Today’s interview blew my socks off with the “Louder Than A Bomb” episode. I came back to my office, found the podcast, managed to copy it to my memory stick and tonight I’ll play it for my 15 year old daughter, who loves to write but thinks she’s not very good, and give a copy to her high school English teacher. Thank you for making these available to replay!

    In spite of the Juan Williams firing, I’ll still keep listening and supporting public radio and write that event off to a nutso management decision.

    Titusville, FL

  • Joyce in Arizona

    I agree with those who expressed DISGUST with all the political election talk. Now, you’re pushing 2012 on us! YAAAAAAGH!!!!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…GIVE US A BREAK!

  • Lyle Nordin

    I’m nauseated by the swooning semi-literate crowd (Grause, Henson-Conant et al) that lauds today’s cacophonous outpooring in the service of ghetto egos. I realize the do-gooder impulse has been led to believing that “self-esteem” preening is somehow the bulwark against ghetto gunfire.

    But cultivating real talent is not cheerleading boisterous mediocrity in the name of some delusional higher purpose.

    Besides, there are genuine artistic efforts that need support.

  • Linda Bender

    Robin, Lancaster PA is not pronounced Lan Caster, it is Lanc Aster!

  • http://www.anniesilverman.biz annie silverman

    Dear Robin-
    Listening to the piece about Louder than a Bomb was a welcome antidote to the election coverage. I was driving to teach Artists’ Books to my young art students at Mass College of Art. The transformation of the young people’s lives by poetry and meeting people different from themselves who were brought together through a passion for spoken word , and the raw beauty they could write and perform made me proud of them , grateful to you for putting this on, and lucky for me, to be in the car, there and then, listening to here and now.

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