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Tuesday October 19, 2010

Some Lenders To Resume Home Foreclosures



Bank of America is resuming home foreclosures in nearly two dozen states by Monday, despite a controversy over agents “robo-signing” foreclosure documents. Bank of America says it investigated the problem and did not find a single example of an erroneous foreclosure. We speak with New York Times reporter Nelson Schwartz.

Judge Strikes Down Montana’s Ban On Corporate Political Spending

A state judge ruled yesterday that Montana’s nearly century-old law banning direct corporate political spending is unconstitutional. The ruling immediately frees companies to spend money this political season. We speak with Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock, who says he will appeal the decision.

What, Exactly, Is The US Chamber Of Commerce?

With election day just two weeks away, the Obama administration has had to back off its accusations that Republican candidates are benefiting from foreign money funneled through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Conservative talk show host Glenn Bleck said the accusations were an outrage and called upon his listeners to follow his lead and donate money to the Chamber, claiming it’s made up of small downtown businesses that are struggling. But are Beck and the administration talking about the same Chamber of Commerce? And does this reflect election season desperation on both sides of the aisle? We speak to Michael Crowley, senior correspondent and deputy Washington bureau chief for Time Magazine.

Climate Change Changes Fall Colors

From listener Timothy Peters in Belmont, VT.

From listener Timothy Peters in Belmont, VT.

Scientists have known for a while that fall colors change with the year’s weather — good rain in the summer and bright autumn days with cool nights produce the most vibrant leaves. But do leaves also reflect longer-term changes in climate? David Wolfe says that plants and trees are very sensitive weather instruments, and they are helping us understand the long-term changes taking place in the climate. Wolfe is professor of horticulture at Cornell University. His book on soil ecology is “Tales From The Underground: A Natural History of Subterranean Life.”

Blogger Takes Aim At Campbell’s Soup

The blogger who helped launch the protest against the proposed Islamic community center in New York now has a new target: the Campbell Soup Company. Pamela Geller, of the blog Atlas Shrugs, is calling on people to stop buying Campbell’s soup after the company started selling soup in Canada that is certified as Halal — meaning it’s prepared according to Islamic dietary laws. Geller claims the group that certifies the soup has ties to a terrorist organization, even though that has never been proven. John Faulker, Campbells Soup Company’s brand communications director responds.

‘Two Peds In A Pod’ Are On Frontline Of What’s Happening With Children

Not too long ago, Dr. Naline Lai and Dr. Julie Kardos were pediatric residents together at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. During their overnight shifts, they’d talk about writing a book together for parents. The book never materialized, but a blog did. It’s called “Two Peds In A Pod,” and it offers advice ranging from helping kids get rid of their binkies to avoiding back strain when carrying book-filled backpacks to school.

Political ‘Silly Season’ Gets Underway

It’s an old political cliché that the last few weeks before an election veer into a silly season of candidates making outlandish claims and unfortunate statements. We check in on races across the country where candidates have done everything from question whether freedom of religion is part of the Constitution to promoting job experience as a madam as a qualification for governor.

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  • http://john-s-allen.com John S. Allen

    Islamophobe pushing a boycott of Campbell’s Soup because
    Campbells offers foods that conform to Islamic dietary laws? Here and Now — covering all kinds of topics, from soup to nuts!

  • Gina

    This soup boycott has a facebook page, and if you visit it, you’d be appalled at the level of ignorance and hate posted there. People are ridiculous!

  • http://katgrapics.com kat stewart

    What happened to freedom of religion in this country?

  • http://www.patriciabannister.com Pati Bannister

    If I find Campbell’s halal-certified soups in my supermarket, I would buy them out of preference if I bought prepared soup simply because they are evidently genuinely vegetarian and likely healthier than most prepared soups from the sounds of your guest’s description.

  • http://marjameela@msn.com Maryann Cummings

    Of all the nonsensical topics to get up in arms about. Halal Soups, connected to Islamic terrorism? Who would have thought it. I guess the Amish will be next for pushing their brand of mac and cheese. Don’t we have more important things to radicalize about? What about the Terrorist banks foreclosing on poor peoples’ homes.

  • http://neilblanchard.blogspot.com/ Neil Blanchard

    Hi folks,

    I’ll bet this blogger didn’t know about what Campbell’s has done until Jon Stewart mentioned this on the Daily Show? Sheesh…

    Sincerely, Neil

  • http://neilblanchard.blogspot.com/ Neil Blanchard

    Wait, it was Stephen Colbert, and he found out from this blogger — sorry!



  • BHA

    Atlas Shrugs is an idiot.
    Certainly NO company should make ANY products except those that meet Mr. Shrugs’ buying preferences. Anything else is a conspiracy against him.

    There are how many MILLIONS of Muslims in the world? Ignoring them as consumers is a lousy business plan even though Mr. Shrugs is sure every Muslim is a terrorist hoping to kill Americans.

    It would be REALLY nice if the markets I go to had GUARANTEED VEGETARIAN food sections. My 17 y/o daughter is vegetarian and it is a ROYAL PAIN IN THE BACKSIDE reading all the ingredients looking to NOT find things like ‘chicken broth’. Great, found some New Orleans ‘dirty rice’ in the organic section that looks REALLY good. Dang, chicken broth.

  • Silas Dogood

    The only way to correct the supreme court’s ruling on corporations and politics, is the have an amendment to the US Constitution… where we do not allow any NON-HUMAN entity to partake in the political environment.

    Corporations, Unions, PACs, non-profits, all do not have citizen (or human) needs. They can live well beyond a normal human’s lifetime, do not need to educate their children, do not need to think about getting good grades, to get a job, to bury their parents who die when they get old, to consider long term care or nursing home needs, the environment (as they don’t breath the air, or drink the water). They are not citizens.

    I think everyone in the US would support this amendment to the US constitution. 1 PERSON, 1 VOTE. Hey, we don’t allow corporations, unions, non-profits to vote do we? Then they deserve to be excluded. This includes all political groups, including the trial lawyers who prevent sensible tort reform (they have both republicans and democrats that are sympathetic to their income needs on the powerful judiciary committees who will block and sensible tort reform.

    It is time, in this day and age, to do the right thing.

    If you are a person, you can participate in the election funding, and information process, but no groups, or unions, or corporations should be allowed to do this. Hey, if you are looking at campaign finance reform, this is the way to do that too.

  • Winniy C

    I just heard Here and Now’s interview with John Faulker from Campbell Soup Canada and find it absolutely ridiculous that Americans think Campbell Soup now supports terrorism. When there are so many Americans out of work and complaining about jobs being shipped overseas, why can’t people see the large sales opportunity that Campbell Soup sees?

    I’m also appalled to hear of the intolerance and ignorance of this so called “Great Nation”.

    I’m a Canadian living in the US and have been buying halal meats for years at the local market while living in Toronto. If people did more research about where their food comes from you’d find that products that are halal or kosher tend to be more healthy and better tasting.

  • huma

    What is the world coming to.I’m appalled to hear the level of intolerance and ignorance against muslims. Halal foods is a great market as the population is growing and it would a big loss for all major companies if they don’t start tapping into it.
    We have every right to eat what we want, be it halal /kosher or vegetarian and a small poorly educated group cannot take it away from us.

  • Jodi Smith

    I don’t buy a lot of Campbell’s products, but I’m not going to boycott them over Halal or Kosher or Veggan, or whatever foods. There are certainly threats out there. There are certainly dangerous groups, but I don’t think catering to the dietary requirements of a faith community is one of them. Could we please spend our energy on something more useful and fruitful?
    Does Pamela Geller also believe that Proctor and Gamble Co. has a satanic symbol on its logo too?

  • Yvonne

    They tried to rile us with the threat of burning 5-dollar-English-only Qurans. Now they want to make it difficult for us to enjoy a bowl of Campbell’s soup. Lol! In the final revealed verses of Quran, God made the food of the People of the Book (Christians and Jews) halal (Arabic for allowed), with some exceptions, for Muslims. Most Muslims I know either purchase kosher or they read labels.

    How soon will people like Pamela Geller be destroyed by their own hatred?

  • Richard Cole

    re: What, Exactly, Is The US Chamber Of Commerce?

    There’s a lot of misdirection in Mr. Crowley’s comments, aided and abetted by Robin.

    The statements, “Most receipts are in large amounts” and “Most members are small companies” are not inherently contradictory. You might have three sources donate $1 million each and 1,000 small spruces donate $1,000 each.

    To suggest that local Chambers of Commerce are completely apolitical goes beyond misdirection into the realm of disingenuousness. Every local Chamber, and State Chamber, I’ve seen was active in advancing, or opposing, bond issues, council candidates and state legislators and officers.

  • Richard Cole

    re: Climate Change Changes Fall Colors

    Strange. It sure seemed to me that winter hung on nearly forever this year (2010). I also note that although it is only the middle of October the leaves are falling at a rate usually not seen until the middle of November. At the current rate the trees will be bare long before Thanksgiving.

    It seems that many “climate scientists” spend their time reading journals and never look out their office window. Yet the media is all too ready to eat up their stuff

  • Frog


    From the Michigan Chamber of Commerce website:
    “Members by Number of Employees
    1–9 Employees……20%
    10–49 Employees….43%
    50–249 Employees…30%
    250+ Employees……7%
    Please note: Michigan Chamber member businesses provide
    jobs to 1.8 million Michigan residents. One of every 2.2
    employees in our state works for a Chamber member firm.”

    Sounds like our state chamber is made up a lot of small companies to me…93% under 250 employees. Besides that they claim to be “.. a proud partner of the U.S. Chamber” So, yeah…the U.S. Chamber is made up of a lot of smaller chambers which is made up of a lot of small companies. Do I have this wrong? That’s story seemed misleading to me.

  • Ed

    I think the solution to this idiocy is to buy Campbell’s Soup for a while.

  • Rick Hall

    Re:Blogger Takes Aim At Campbell’s Soup

    Are we so frightened that we cannot think logically, or our thought process is so poisoned by the few that we have started to see everything in the light on anti-Islam. Wake up Sam, some short sighted people are spreading poison for political benefits. Don’t fall for it. What will these GOpers and Tea Party people go after next? Not my constitution, no!!!

  • Jonathan Andrew Sheen

    I have to say I was pretty appalled at the respectful treatment offered to the rank bigotry of the ignoramuses trying to boycott Campbell’s Soup for having the temerity to make foods that won’t offend Muslims.

    Again and again, the media uses a false concept of “Balance” to treat even the most clear-cut issue as if there was room for controversy. In this case, there isn’t.

    This is a case of simple bigotry, nothing more, and deserves only contempt, not a respectful call for “Dialogue.”

  • Robin Young

    Richard and Frog, just getting to this, I think you are right, I should have jumped in there.

    It’s true, while many local chambers run the annual parades, many are political, and of different stripes, one we’ve talked about is the split between local chambers who support locally owned businesses before chains, and those who bring in chains.

    And while many locals are members of the U-S Chamber of Commerce, many aren’t, and many, for instance the Greater Hudson Chamber n New Hampshire
    are leaving because of the partisan bent of the U-S Chamber.

    Youre right, more should have been said! I’ll address it in a letters segment.

    Carry on!

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