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Tuesday September 7, 2010

Pres. Obama Comes Out Fighting On Economy

President Barack Obama speaking on the economy at the Milwaukee Laborfest on Monday. (AP)

President Barack Obama speaking on the economy at the Milwaukee Laborfest on Monday. (AP)

Sounding like the campaigner he was during his run for the White House, President Obama on Monday labeled Republicans as “the party of no” and accused the GOP of talking about him “like a dog.” The president is on the road this week to gain support for two new economic measures: one would let businesses write off 100 percent of their new capital investments through 2011; the other is $50 billion for new infrastructure projects. With Republicans saying spending is out of control and many Democratic lawmakers reluctant to approve new spending so close to the midterm elections, the fate of the proposals is highly uncertain. Rick Klein, senior Washington editor for ABC World News, and host of the political webcast “Top Line.”

Rethinking The Dream of Home Ownership


As the White House debates policies to help the housing market, our guest James Kwak says home ownership was always a bad dream. Home ownership carries a lot of risk, Kwak says, and the returns are modest at best–over the last century, homes have only gained about one percent a year in value. Kwak is co-founder of the economy blog, “The Baseline Scenario,” and co-author, with economist Simon Johnson, of “13 Bankers: The Wall Street Takeover And The Next Financial Meltdown.

Back To School Time Is Tough on Fido

When kids go back to school it’s not just a big transition for them and their parents, but also for the four legged family members as well. It’s called “post-summer separation anxiety,” and our guest says it occurs because dogs are pack animals that typically enjoy lots of time with pack members such as kids and parents during summer, only to have that “pack time” suddenly disappear when school starts up. Our guest is Dr. William Craig, chief medical and underwriting director of Purina Care Pet Health Insurance. He says owners can take preventative measures to prevent the uncontrollable anxiety and often destructive behavior this transition can cause.

Are Libraries Necessary?



A Fox television news reporter in Chicago ignited a firestorm recently when she posed the question: “Are libraries necessary, or a waste of taxpayer money?” She noted that Chicago’s libraries are busy, but they cost the city $120 million per year — money that she said could, for instance, could go to struggling schools. We speak with two library consultants about the future of libraries; George Needham is a library strategist and Joan Frye Williams is a library futurist.

The Arts Could Bridge The Gap Between The U.S. And Cuba

The American Ballet Company will perform in Cuba for the first time in 50 years this fall and many Cuban musicians are touring the US. The BBC’s Maria Bakkalapulo went to Miami’s Little Havana, home to some of Fidel Castro’s staunchest critics, to sample musicians’ opinions about playing in Cuba.

Music From The Show

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  • Tito Puente, “Arroz con Pollo”
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