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Monday August 23, 2010

Oil Spill Fund Recipients Must Give Up Right To Sue

Kenneth R. Feinberg, the Independent Administrator of the Gulf Claims Facility for the $20 billion BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill compensation fund. (AP)

Kenneth Feinberg, who is running the $20 billion fund to compensate victims of the Gulf oil disaster, says anyone who receives a final settlement must give up the right to sue BP. But Feinberg, who also ran the 9/11 victims fund, says he has not decided whether the no-sue rule will apply to other companies involved in the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history. Millions are wondering: How will the fund work? We speak with reporter Jim Snyder of Bloomberg News.

American Aid Worker Goes ‘Barefoot In Baghdad’

In 2003, a young American woman of Arab descent went to Iraq to run Women for Women International, a group that tries to help women in war-torn regions. Manal Omar was able to help some Iraqi women, and she also fell in love and married an Iraqi man, who was a co-worker. But Manal’s time in Iraq was also marked by tragedy. Her memoir is “Barefoot in Baghdad: A Story of Identity – My Own and What It Means to Be a Woman in Chaos.” Manal is now director of Iraq programs for the United States Institute of Peace.

Florida Primaries Tomorrow: It’s About Character

Candidates vying for the democratic nomination in Florida’s U.S. Senate race have a lot in common policy-wise. The same goes for those seeking the state’s GOP gubernatorial nomination. But both primary races thus far have inspired no shortage of debate about character. Big spending billionaire Jeff Greene faces Rep. Kendrick Meek in the senate Democratic primary; and big spending millionaire, former healthcare executive, Rick Scott goes up against Florida’s Attorney General Bill McCollum in the Republican primary for governor. We speak to St. Petersburg Times reporter Adam Scott.

The Televangelist And The Warlord

A story in “The Nation” explores ties between Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, and Charles Taylor, the deposed president of Liberia and subject of a a war crimes trial at The Hague. Reporter Aram Roston writes that Robertson bought a Liberian gold mine in the late 1990s and actively promoted Taylor and his agenda to his followers. Roston joins us to talk about the link between Robertson and Taylor.

Sharing Our Tacky Tourist Photos

A giant man? It depends on your perspective. (tackytouristphotos.com)

Do you have a tacky tourist photo of you marrying George Clooney — the wax version? Or one where you are holding up the leaning tower of Pisa? Or how about a photo of you from childhood, dressed like a cowgirl from that road trip with your family? You no longer have to hide those precious pictures. Our guests, Darren Garnick and Ilya Mirman, are part of a team that put together the website TackyTouristPhotos.com.

Music From The Show

  • Interpol, “Hands Away”
  • Chinese Firedrill, “Mike Watt”
  • Moby, “Inside”
  • Lindsey Buckingham, “Holiday Road”
  • Holly Ladd

    Tacky photos? I have the equator shot from Uganda!

    The most fun was the year my son and I had a contest to see who could shoot the most tacky tourist “objects de art” from Key West to Key Largo – sharks, palm trees, dolphins and yes, dinosaurs and so much more… a tacky photo heaven!!

  • Marina

    Religious tolerance:

    I have lived in Argentina, Italy, Canada, and now the U.S. I believe that many Americans’ reaction to Islam is based on the fact that to date, the majority of the peaceful Muslim population has failed to stand up to extremists. There were no demonstrations by Islamic groups against the heinous acts of 9/11 and for the most part, the peaceful Islamic population still fails to verbally stand up against terrorism.

    Marina Parker

  • Frank and Cara Ulrich

    We listen daily to your broadcast and enjoy it very much. We listen to WGTE, Toledo Ohio.
    A good story to do would be on Afghan farm women, and how they have made a great deal of progress in produce production,with inproved quality of food for their families.
    This crediable information can be found on
    Throght the Garden Gate Project.
    Frank and Cara Ulrich
    Archbold Ohio

  • http://KJZZ Pamela

    I heard a lead about Quayle in AZ primary and dispute over photo with nieces. Are you going to add that he has, after many denials, finally confessed to having been instrumental in the website “Dirty Scottsdale”. Also to having used a fake name for it all.

    So, a photo with young girls no matter the relation? Not for me.

  • http://??? Brian Zack, Princeton NJ

    A comment/question for today’s (Tue, Aug 24) show on Islamophobia: – - – It is hard to believe that the protests against the mosque near the World Trade Center site have tapped some hitherto hidden ocean of Islamophobia among the American people, or, for that matter, that the Tea Party has uncovered a remarkably widespread interest in libertarian politics. In attempting to understand these phenomena, what strikes me as the most likely explanation has been almost completely overlooked – people seek meaning in their lives, and will be drawn to mass movements which offer such meaning, almost regardless of the actual purpose of the group. A small nucleus of truly committed activists can draw large numbers of others who indeed may have some vague interest in the cause itself, but who are there primarily to be involved, to find fellowship, and to feel they are doing something important. Any comments on this perspective would be appreciated.

Robin and Jeremy

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August 20 Comment

James Foley Remembered For His ‘Extraordinary Courage’

U.S. officials have confirmed the authenticity of a video showing the beheading of the American journalist.

August 20 2 Comments

L.A. Moves To Arrest Fewer Misbehaving Students

The change in the school district's policy is the culmination of a long fight by judges, government officials, advocates and attorneys.

August 19 4 Comments

Abandoned Homes In Buffalo, N.Y. Selling For $1

Instead of tearing the homes down, city officials are selling them for $1, as part of the "Urban Homestead Program."

August 19 Comment

A Look At U.S. Military Options In Iraq

Retired Admiral William Fallon, who was head of United States Central Command during the Iraq War, discusses the current conflict.