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Monday July 19, 2010

Government Agrees To Keep Cap Shut Despite Leakage

There are concerns today that a substance seeping from the seabed may be a sign of further damage to the BP oil well.  However, the federal government is allowing the valves on the well’s new cap to remain shut for another 24 hours. The extension was granted in return for BP’s promise to look out for new leaks in the surrounding seabed. We speak with Henry Fountain of the New York Times.

Hardwick, Vermont Writes Blueprint For Local Food Movement


The town of Hardwick, Vermont, population 3,200, has become a mecca for foodies, from celebrity chef Emeril Legasse to writers for the New York Times food section. And while that has brought some good jobs to the area, most residents can’t afford the local food. We speak with Vermont farmer and freelance journalist Ben Hewitt, who has documented the Hardwick story in his new book, “The Town Food Saved: How One Community Found Vitality In Local Food.”

Saving Sea Turtles From The Gulf Oil

The first group of hatchlings from endangered Kemp's ridley sea turtle eggs brought from beaches along the Gulf Coast being released into the Atlantic Ocean off NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla. (AP Photo/NASA)

On beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, biologists and volunteers are  picking up fragile sea turtle eggs to protect them from oil that’s inundating the shores and ocean.  The eggs are driven across Florida in FedEx trucks to a climate-controlled warehouse at the Kennedy Space Center, where the eggs hatch.  The new hatchlings are then safely returned to the ocean. We speak with Dr. Robbin Trindell, sea turtle expert with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

From 1965 Quota Ban To Arizona’s New Law: How State Power Intersects With Immigration Policy

Arizona’s controversial new immigration law goes into affect at the end of the month.   The state will require police to verify the immigration status of a suspect they encounter while carrying out routine police work. The law’s detractors say it promotes racial profiling and oversteps the state’s power. Have race and the limits of state power always played a part in immigration policy? We take a look back to 1965, when an historic law abolishing strict immigration quotas changed the fact of modern America. Our guest is Gabriel “Jack” Chin, professor at University of Arizona’s Rogers College of Law.

Singer’s Search For Birth Mother Inspires New Album

Mary Gauthier (Flickr/Atomic Pope)

After visiting the New Orleans orphanage where she spent the first year of her life, singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier was inspired to begin a search for her birth mother. The result is a new album about the experience. We speak with Gauthier about her latest release, “The Foundling.”

Music From The Show

  • Phish, “My Friend, My Friend”
  • The Slip, “Tinderbox”
  • Emmitt/Nershi Band, “Flight of the Durban”
  • Rob MacLeod

    I was hoping to comment on the program focusing on Hardwick because I take some issue with the tag that many residents can’t afford the local food. While there may be some truth to saying a lot of local Hardwickians can’t afford a lot of the food produced by the new “agripreneurs” on the whole, that statement is misleading and misses a hugely important point. I find that purchasing local foods is more about priorities, not family finances.

    I say this because I live and farm in Hardwick. MANY of my customers have very modest incomes yet they make healthy, locally produced foods a family priority. I don’t know to what degree this point came up in the broadcast, but it is hugely important.

    I would also add that there are two food movements going on in Hardwick. One is driven by the media centric agripreneurs about whom so much has been written. There is also a very significant sub culture of small diversified farmers, some of whom have been around for generations, who just want to raise healthy veggies, milk, meat, etc. and who have no desire to publicize what they do. These producers work hard to make their products available to ALL people.

  • http://HereandNow Janet

    When will we and biologists learn that their interference does more harm than good! The sea turtles will fare far better without the “help” of biologist. The moving of sea turtles will likely result in the death of the sea turtles given their VERY sensitive hatching cycle. How much harm has to continue to happen to our ecosystem due to rash decisions of biologists?

    Now people are expressing concern over the dispersents administered in the gulf oil spill as something had to be done (even though more thoughtful biologists and even BP objected).

  • http://hereandnow.org Patricia Fernandez

    I wanted to listen again to the the Jack Chin piece on history of immigration laws. I also wanted to forward to some friends. However, when I click on ‘Listen’ the player is covered by ads and I can’t get it to play. Please help!!

  • http://hereandnow.org Patricia Fernandez

    I wanted to hear again the Jack Chin piece on history of immigration laws. I also wanted to send to some friends. However, when I click on ‘Listen’ the player is covered by ads and I can’t get it to play. This is a first. Please help!!

  • http://hereandnow.org Patricia Fernandez

    It is now 3:06 p.m. but there is no way to click on “Listen” because it isn’t there. Please, again, help!!

    • jryan

      Hi Patricia, our audio is now functioning, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your interest in the show.
      -Jill Ryan, Here & Now

  • Kevin Sullivan

    Our apologies. We are having technical difficulties, which should be resolved momentarily. We will let you know as soon as it’s resolved.
    Kevin Sullivan, Producer

  • Jesse Jordan

    A friend emailed me about your interview with Mary Gauthier today. I was very interested to hear it but I was not able to listen to it after clicking on the “Listen” link. Will it be fixed soon?


  • sarah burns

    A great interview with Mary Gauthier; what a powerful story and what a beautiful voice!

  • Mara

    Thank you, Mary Gauthier, for expressing your pain of abandonment by your mother in such a beautiful way. I know that pain. I’ve lived it all my life.

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