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Friday January 29, 2010

Tony Blair Testifies about Run-up to Iraq War

In British government hearings investigating the Iraq war, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair today denied striking a covert deal with U.S. President George Bush to invade Iraq, one year before the war began. We speak with the BBC’s Rob Watson, who is at the Chilcot inquiry in London, where protestors have been gathering in the streets decrying Blair as a war criminal.

What Could Work in Afghanistan?

A moderate strategy, argues our guest Rory Stewart, is what’s needed in Afghanistan, along with patience and perseverance. Stewart is opposed to the surge, but thinks President Obama did the right thing by declining to speak of modest goals, containing the Taliban, not defeating it. Still, Stewart worries that announcing a withdrawal date will be fatal even to a limited goal. So how to move forward? Rory Stewart heads the Carr Center for Human Rights at Harvard’s Kennedy School. Stewart walked across Afghanistan and wrote about it in “The Places in Between.” He’s also author of “The Prince of the Marshes: And Other Occupational Hazards of a Year in Iraq”

Schools Move Recess — Before Lunch

Remember when you were in elementary school and rushed to eat lunch to run out to recess? More and more schools in the U.S. are scheduling recess before lunch, with an eye to health and increased focus.. We speak with Sarah Hartley, principal of North Ranch Elementary in Scottsdale, Arizona..  Her school switched to a schedule with lunch following recess and she says the change has resulted in fewer visits to the school nurse and more attentive children in the classroom.

Massachusetts School Connects with Haiti through Book Exchange

Matenwa 1st and 2nd graders in Haiti with 'Mother Tongue Books' from Fayerweather Street School in Cambridge.

Matenwa 1st and 2nd graders in Haiti with 'Mother Tongue Books' from Fayerweather Street School in Cambridge.

Here & Now’s George Hicks visits the Fayerweather Street School in Cambridge, Mass., which has a sister school in Haiti. In the “Mother Tongue Books” project, students at each school write books which are translated and exchanged. We’ll find out how these schools have connected before and after the earthquake.

John Singer Sargent and the Painting that Made His Reputation

When John Singer Sargent painted “The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit” in 1882, it drew a great deal of critical attention and still provokes emotional responses today. We take a closer look at the work, which hangs in Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, with Erica Hirshler the author of “Sargent’s Daughters: The Biography of a Painting.”

Music from the Show

  • Modest Mouse, “The Cold Part”
  • Mike Mills, “Air”
  • Couch, “Camaro”
  • Cesar Franck, “Violincello Sonata in A Major:  Allegro ben moderato,” performed by Daniel Barenboim and Jacqueline Du Pre
  • http://whyy.org Caryl Donatucci

    I am listening to this story at work and wanted to let you know that a poster of this very painting hangs across from my desk. I visited the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston with my mother when I was in high school (I’m now 45 and a mother of two daughters myself) and was absolutely awestruck by this montstrous painting!

    Thank you for your wonderful story about it. Your show is the highlight of my day – I hate when someone tries to get me to go to luch.

  • maria kent

    I was just listening as well…and I was so happy that I had just tuned in! My sister and I were so facinated by this piece as young children and would love coming upon it in the rotunda area where it used to hang. It was magic to us and we always wished we could step right into the picture and play with the young Boit sisters. The large vases gave it such an “Alice in Wonderland” feeling. My sister gave me a small canvas copy years ago and it hangs in our dining room, bringing back so many wonderful experiences at the museum when we were growing up.

  • http://hereandnow.org E Coker

    Without knowing the ages of the girls, it appears to me that he is commenting on the transition of girls through their girlhood. The youngest is out in the open with her personality intact; the next is standing to the side, half in shadow; the third is in deeper shadow and the oldest is totally obscured – young women learning to blunt and diminish the force of their individuality. It makes me very sad.

  • maria kent

    To the last comment from E.Coker…that is a very insiteful view. It would explain the disconnect of the figures…the girls perhaps were exhibiting this transition in personality to Sargent and knowingly or not…he picked up on it with how he chose to paint the sisters (perhaps, they even postioned themselves where they were “comfortable”). I agree..it is so sad how much often is lost as we are molded to fit in.

  • http://hereandnow.com Patricia Swanson

    I appreciate NPR. I wouldn’t be aware of fine art and music othewise.

  • Joseph Peter Myers

    For some reason, the art elves have determined that the four little girls will not appear on my screen. Can you persuade them to allow the picture to download? (the rest of the stories and illustrations of the day are there).

  • Helpful

    The posted video on this page of the painting is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-znOSWfAb_8. You may need to update your Flash player.

  • Betty Crossley

    I listened to your program on NPR and looked it up when I got home. I’m glad you gave the website. It was lovely to see the painting and hear about it. Thanks

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