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Monday November 23, 2009

Mammogram Controversy

We’re learning more today about how controversial new guidelines on mammograms came about. The group that issued the recommendations last week, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, studied the benefits and risks of mammograms, as well as how often women should have them, incorporating new understanding of how cancers grow. The group’s recommendations that annual mammograms aren’t effective for women in their 40′s surprised at least one researcher. We speak with Gina Kolata, science reporter for the New York Times.

Regulating Wall Street

Major bills to regulate the finance industry are inching forward in Congress. So what’s being proposed? We’ll speak with Michael Greenberger, professor of law at the University of Maryland. Greenberger argues for more oversight over financial instruments like derivatives.

Khmer Rouge

The trial of the former Khmer Rouge prison chief, Kaing Guek Eav, better known as Comrade Duch, is entering its final stages. Duch is accused of running a prison where thousands of people were tortured and murdered in the late 1970s. As many as two million people are believed to have died under the Khmer Rouge, the Maoist regime that controlled Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. But that history hasn’t been a part of the school curriculum for Cambodia students. That’s changing now thanks to a new textbook. The BBC’s Guy De Launey has the story.

Containers to Clinics

The examining room at the C2C Clinic at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. (Jill Ryan)

The examining room at the C2C Clinic at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. (Jill Ryan)

A recent report from the WHO found that in 2007, 9 million children died before their fifth birthday in the world’s poorest countries, and many of those deaths — usually from TB or diarrhea — were preventable. Elizabeth Sheehan is trying to prevent some of those deaths by turning used shipping containers into health clinics in developing countries. She says “shipping Containers litter the world. They’re often used once and they sit there.” Her group is called Containers to Clinics.

The Mormon as Vampire

“The Twilight Saga: New Moon” grossed $140 million in theaters this past weekend. The film, based on the second of the series of wildly popular books by Mormon author Stephanie Meyer, features a vampire as a romantic hero. But as Brigham Young University film curator James D’Arc tells us, at the beginning of the last century, vampire imagery was used to demonize those of the Mormon faith. With Jim, we look at the Bram Stoker novel “Dracula” and its impact on the 1911 anti-Mormon book “The Love Story of a Mormon” and film “Trapped by the Mormons.”

Music from the show

  • Dave Douglas, “A Single Sky”
  • MMW, “Bloody Oil”
  • The New Deal, “Then and Now”
  • Alexandre Desplat, “New Moon” performed by the London Symphony Orchestra
  • Kay Harrison

    Physicians in this country really cannot be expected to make life and death decisions for a patient. A physician can be sued for failing to save a life, but rarely or never for saving a life. Even if the patient is in agreement with the physician decision, without advanced directives in place, any one of the patient’s survivors could sue the physician.

  • Sarah

    Thank you for this discussion. It may be that Ms Meyers thinks she is linking chastity and everlasting life, but when I accompanied my daughter and her many friends in viewing the movie New Moon, I can vouch that chastity was far from the minds of most of the audience present. Summit is selling sex and that’s not particularly innovative.

  • Tasha Caldera

    I am 26 years old and have never been intersted in the news or any kind of news paper. It was until took a trip to the lake with my boyfriend and another friend that I started listening to your radio station. I have heard it before but have become increasingly attentive while listening to the news. Thanks! You are Great!

  • Johnny Surfwax

    The Mormon comparison to Vampires of by Winifred Graham in 1911, shows the powerful impact the extreme Mormon proselytizing campaign in the 1850’s had on England.

    During this time, Mormons lied, duped, and transported many women to the United States, under the false pretenses of monogamous marriages. Most of these women had to pay their own passages, and then tricked into physically carrying their belongings on a handcart to Utah.

    Darth explains how Graham’s novel dealt with a Mormon missionary that goes to England and preys on young innocent women and take back to his harem in Utah

    Robin Young then asks, ”Now first of all, was that happening, were there a lot of Mormons taking English women back to Utah?”

    Professor Darth responds, ”No”

    He is correct for 1911.

    Real life accounts of the Mormon abuses of English women during the 1850’s culminated in the first Great Anti-Mormon Crusade of 1910 in England.

    first hand descriptions of Mormon missionaries preying on young (and old) English women and taking them to become wives in polygamous marriages in Utah are documented in the book,

    “WIFE No. 19”, or The Story of a Life in Bondage,
    BEING A Being a Complete Expose of Mormonism, and Revealing the Sorrows, Sacrifices and Sufferings of Women in Polygamy
    By Ann Eliza Young, Brigham Young’s Apostate Wife


    Specifically Chapter IX Hardships in a New Country, describes these abuses.

    The following excerpts are from this chapter

    “Probably no other church has done so much both home and foreign missionary work as the Church of Latter-Day Saints. They began by travelling about the country, making converts wherever they could, in the days when the entire church, could easily be numbered: as they increased in numbers they extended their work across the ocean, and now nearly all the work is done in England, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.”

    “A few of the leading members of the church were sent ; indeed, at that time one or more of the apostles was kept in England all the while, and different elders were sent to relieve each other, and to assist the apostle in taking charge of the

    “My father was sent to England not very long after our arrival in the Valley, and he had charge while there of the Sheffield branch of the church. My mother and myself lived part of the time in Salt Lake City with Elizabeth and her family, and the remainder of the time in Payson.”

    “The period of my father’s stay in England was one specially marked for success in mission work. Very many of the leaders of the church were there then, and mighty efforts were made to secure converts. They worked day and night with unabated zeal, and so great was their success, the whole world marveled at the number of converts who came yearly to Zion.”

    “for no wife ever knew how much her husband may have been, moved to enlarge his kingdom,” and the young English girls were apt to be very much taken with the American elders, and they in turn submitted without much struggle to the fascinations of their youthful converts.

    Very few of the missionaries failed to bring home an English wife, or at least to induce some young girl to emigrate to Zion, with the prospect of becoming his wife on her arrival.

    At first polygamy was not preached. Indeed, so very careful were the elders not to mention the subject, or else to deny polygamy altogether, that many of the girls supposed themselves to be the first and only wives of the men they married”; and it was not mentioned until they reached Utah, and were introduced to their husbands and ” other wives” that they were undeceived.”

    Professor Darth is correct that polygamy was removed from the Mormon doctrine 20 years prior to 1911.
    To say the practice of polygamous marriages was ABANDONED

  • Johnny Surfwax

    ABANDONED is not accurate.

    In 1911 there were a large majority of Mormons living in polygamous relationships. They were not called ‘Marriages’ by the letter of the law, but in reality the practice continued.

    After reading this book it is easy to see how Mormons could be compaired to Vampires.

  • Kathlynn Miller

    I was greatly encouraged to hear Michael Greenberger’s comments on Regulating Wall Street. No business should be allowed to become “too big to fail” and it is critical that there be strict regulation of the derivatives market and the “commoditization” of securities. Wall Street is still out of control.

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