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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Street Artist Shepard Fairey

Obey Icon Pole (Courtesy ICA)

"Obey Icon Pole" (Courtesy ICA)

Obama HOPE (Courtesy ICA)

"Obama HOPE" (Courtesy ICA)

Shepard Fairey’s now iconic image of Barack Obama propelled the street artist into the national spotlight. But Fairey has been creating works for 20 years and now the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston is hosting an extensive exhibition covering his career. Here & Now’s Andrea Shea reports.

Fairey at the press preview of "Supply and Demand" (Photo by Christian Holland)

Fairey at the press preview of "Supply and Demand" (Photo by Christian Holland)

Andre the Giant Has a Posse (flickr/leiabox)

Fairey's iconic "Andre the Giant Has a Posse" (flickr/leiabox)

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  • http://joebarillaro.com joseph barillaro

    I am curious how Mr. fairey has avoided legal problems, not copyright related but public defacement related. While many well known street artists have been arrested, jailed, and effectively had their street identities erased, Fairey has somehow acheived the opposite affect. He has been launched into fame and fortune with corporate sponsorship of all kinds, long before the Obama poster. He seems to have a “get out of jail free card”
    What are his thoughts on this anti-market, rebellious art form resulting in pure capatilist success for himself?

  • http://sdowers@surfacematterdesign.com shonna dowers

    I remember Shepard at RISD and was inspired by his diligence of “sticker placement” across the country. But I always thought there could have been a more productive message than Andre the Giant’s face.

    He’s come a LONG way and that’s impressive.

  • yo

    hey joseph,
    just to correct you, he got arrested 14 times :D

  • kelly

    Well dude, you called that one.
    Yet again, let’s make that 15 times now.

  • http://www.tube8.com Artgod33

    As for never being arrested Boston is number 14 for Shep.

    But unless you catch him in the act of putting it up how can you proove that it was him that put any artwork posters or stickers up anywhere?

    His stickers and posters are avialable through his website… you can download the Andre Obey sticker and are incouraged to copy it and paste it everywhere.

    I even have a CD compilation (Fork in Hand Records presents the Great Rock Swindle) who’s cardboard “jewel case” is actually die cut and an Andre spray paint stencil.

    Sounds like reasonable doubt to me.

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